Justine is a native Californian artist of many mediums.

 Raised vegan by a PETA activist, Justine was acutely aware of animals suffering for human gain. When she learned about the exotic pet trade, she became curious about all the birds we put in cages. Learning where most feathers come from, and that many exotic birds are abandoned- Justine began a mission to educate, and provide an alternative to commercial plumage. 

Justine is currently pursuing a degree in Zoology, to make a bigger impact on the bird world. She plans to be in school for a very long time, so your support will not only fund bird rescues, but also her education.

    Although she currently does not share her home with feathered friends, she aspires to have an aviary, to adopt birds from a local shelter. Being homeless as a teen, Justine identifies with all displaced beings.

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